President’s Message – April 2020

Jack Freck

April 8, 2020

A Message from the President

Covid-19 Workers Comp Filing

The following protective protocols are recommended for our members:

1. Any member testing positive for Covid-19, who believes, more probably than not, they were exposed at work, should file an exposure injury report to their employer within 30 days of exposure.

2. Anyone “exposed” at work to someone they know has tested positive, but not feeling symptoms yet, should still file an exposure injury report within 30 days of the last exposure.

3. If anyone with any of the above situations seeks medical treatment, they MUST tell the health care provider they were exposed at work!!!!!

ALL members who fall within either of the two situations above should call our Workers Comp Lawyer, Jordan A. Ziegler, Esq. at 800-692-3717 or email him at  He will file WC claim forms for you. You have 2 years from date of exposure to do this but sooner the better. No fee to do any of these filings. The firm only receives a fee if there are lost wages and a fee would come out of the award.


Covid-19 Disability Retirement Filing

Filing For Retirement During the COVID-19 Emergency

Please review this link.

If health is in severe deterioration and life is threatened in imminent way, the application must be filed while the member is still alive. If there is time, it would be better for an attorney to file, but if not, it’s better for the member to file, in dire emergency, than wait for an attorney. Please contact Jordan A. Ziegler, Esq. at 800-692-3717 or email him at