President’s Message – September 2016

John M. Fleming

September 2016

A Message from the President

On behalf of the Executive Board I want to welcome you to our new website. When we undertook this project it was our goal to provide to our members a more concise format so that it would be easier to down load the necessary information you need quickly and efficiently.

We also wanted to incorporate a new style which we felt was befitting the largest organization of district attorney investigators in the country.  The purpose of the site is to educate and inform the members and those who would visit our site to learn more about the unique aspects of the job of detective investigators and racket investigators working in the five boroughs. We feel this site accomplishes all those things.

We encourage our members to use this site as a reference point so that they better understand the job and its long proud history.  From time to time we will post information about recent changes in health benefits, pension news, and ongoing contractual issues. This new site also has a DIA store to purchase all the union related merchandise.

Now that our contract has been secured and members are receiving the benefits associated with that contract we are focusing on those areas which we as a Board have wanted to tackle but was unable due to a long protracted contract dispute. From our vantage point we see positive change in each office and look forward to a future where we build upon that environment.

As the summer draws to a close we will now focus our attention on combating the constant wave of anti-cop sentiment filling this country. The job of police officer has never been more difficult thanks to an ill informed public, a liberal media, and organizations designed to weaken the role of the police in our society. As police officers we all have a duty to uphold the law in a professional manner which preserves the rights of the accused and treats all citizens with dignity and respect.

No member of our profession should ever be ashamed of who they are and what they do. We are the watch keepers of our society, we protect our communities and in so doing allow society to function in a productive manner.

With the fifteen year anniversary of September 11th upon us we must take the time to pause and reflect on the great sacrifices made by first responders and their families that day and in future assignments which proved the resilience of this city and the country. We also pray for those who lost their lives as a direct result of that day and remember their sacrifice as we go about doing our job.

John Fleming, President