President’s Message – February 2017

John M. Fleming

February 1, 2017

A Message from the President

The new year is upon us and the outlook for 2017 seems very promising. Unlike past years the DIA finds itself in relative security. We have a long-term contract, hiring is up, and the District Attorneys’ all appear motivated to retain our members. The job now seems to be a promising profession.

While all agencies seem to be moving in a positive direction, three offices must be singled out for their well thought out plans to enhance working conditions for our detectives. Cy Vance, Judge Brown, and Bridget Brennan all have shown tremendous initiative in this area. I want to thank them for their efforts.

As we move forward in the year the DIA will continue to work on projects we believe are important to the welfare of our members. In that light I have suggested to the Board we designate one Board member as a “Health & Welfare Officer” who will develop and coordinate programs designed to enhance the members well-being. One such program is following our peers in the Detectives’ Endowment Association (DEA) in developing more medical screening programs for all members. These programs are now a major priority as we come to understand more and more about the rigors of police work.

While the DIA is becoming younger we must remember that we owe it to our families to stay in the best shape we can.

To all our new members I want to welcome you into a challenging but rewarding career in law enforcement. The District Attorney’s office plays a critical role in our criminal justice system and the challenges you will face will be tough. The younger members may not know the sacrifice and progress made by the DIA over the past 20 years but I think our efforts are outstanding for such a small union.

The union has secured total line of duty coverage, the first total release position for our president, a full police pension, the same pay raise as other uniform members and a strong relationship with other City unions. All these were achieved by the hard work of the union, the support of the DA’s and the member’s faith in the process.

Currently we are working on our newsletter and see it being distributed by March. On behalf of your Executive Board I wish you all a safe and happy New Year.

John M Fleming